The Trendiest Porn Videos

The top queries of 2018 on adult sites include the category “xxx porn for women”, porn videos based on the animated series Rick and Morty and porn using fidget spinner, reports the Mashable publication.

According to Pornhub, in 2018, the site was visited by 28.5 billion people. Most often, they were looking for “porn for women.” Compared to 2016, videos from this category were searched 1400% more often.

In general, women constitute 26% of the total number of users of porn resources. At the same time, the xHamster website report says that in 2018, the number of women who used it increased by 2.4%. Also popular among users is a parody of the cartoon Rick and Morty and videos from Spiner. Recall, scientists from the University of Indiana found that pornography adversely affects the enjoyment of sex and satisfaction.

Three Best Sites For VR Porn

Virtual reality technology has changed the world of adult content forever. Instead of fantasy, it offers a reality the user sees and can almost feel. In fact, with additional devices like a sex robot, the viewers can get a full illusion of being part of the action. VR devices and technology paired together create an impression of immediately being inside the room where the intercourse is happening and seeing all the action as if through the eyes of one of the participants. This experience is next to unbelievable, and the users state that they have never experienced anything like this.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Paid Subscription to Popular Porn Sites

Porn is a word that evokes different emotions. Some people recall a hot film they have recently seen and the satisfaction it has brought. The other ones are neutral about this adult industry. While there are also people who are against porn and everything related to it. Though, the latter ones are in minority.

Despite all the emotions and attitude, porn is the most popular content on the Internet. More than 30 percent of all the webpages are related to the industries of adult entertainment. The most popular web porn resource, PornHub, was visited 33.5 billion times in 2018. It means that people across the globe are actively looking for the way to relax and get excited by means of watching a porn film.

Gadgets Needed to Watch VR Porn

Porn watching is one of the most beloved hobbies and ways to spend free time for millions of people across the globe. The thrill and satisfaction of viewing adult films are attracting the audience. However, in the process of watching, some spectators may feel being an outsider of action on the screen. Thus, the role of a spectator is not liked by everyone.

Nowadays, the problem of an extra viewer is eliminated due to a new format of adult films. Virtual reality is an alternative for those who prefer to have the feeling of participation in the process. It is quite essential that a high tech format requires additional gadgets so that VR content can be watched.

How Popular Film Studios Produce Porn

Pornography is a huge industry which has always been in demand among the audience. Watching porn is one of the leisure pastimes beloved by almost everyone on the Earth. No wonder,filmmakers have to produce content on a regular basis. Up to 15 thousand porn movies are annually filmed. This figure does not include terabytes of videos and clips which are regularly uploaded at PornHub, YouPorn, and other relevant resources.

Of course, most of the industry consumers do not even think about the way a porn movie is filmed, they simply enjoy the result and get excited. The other ones, especially the fans of porn, may consider that being filmed in porn is a pure pleasure. However, to get the final result which will be admired by millions of people across the globe, filmmakers thoroughly and scrupulously do their jobs.