The Trendiest Porn Videos

The top queries of 2018 on adult sites include the category “porn for women”, porn videos based on the animated series Rick and Morty and porn using fidget spinner, reports the Mashable publication.

According to Pornhub, in 2018, the site was visited by 28.5 billion people. Most often, they were looking for “porn for women.” Compared to 2016, videos from this category were searched 1400% more often.

In general, women constitute 26% of the total number of users of porn resources. At the same time, the xHamster website report says that in 2018, the number of women who used it increased by 2.4%. Also popular among users is a parody of the cartoon Rick and Morty and videos from Spiner. Recall, scientists from the University of Indiana found that pornography adversely affects the enjoyment of sex and satisfaction.